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Application for visa to the Faroe Islands and Greenland

Visa application guide

Visa operations
Visa operations are limited due to the current restrictions on entry into Denmark. You can hand in a visa application if you have to travel to Denmark before 31 August 2020 and have a worthy purpose for entering Denmark. Applications for business visas can be handed in 6 months prior to the planned trip. Read more about what constitutes a worthy purpose on the website of the Danish Police.

Step 1:
Applicants who require a visa to the Faroe Islands or Greenland must fill in their visa application and pay the application fee online before arriving at the embassy.

To fill in the visa application form, please access the following link:

Step 2:
Once you have applied and paid online, go to the embassyon working days between 09:00 and 12:00 to hand in your documents and register your biometrics. Please remember the following documents when you arrive at the embassy:
- passport with your Schengen visa
- cover letter from the application form
- flight booking
- accomodation booking on the Faroe Islands or Greenland