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New Danish Architecture Policy is Putting People First

09.04.2014  13:27

The Danish government has initiated a new architecture policy focusing on citizen involvement, environmental and social sustainability and the maintenance of buildings in rural districts.

The Danish Minister for Culture, Marianne Jelved, states:

“Architecture is for people. It sets the framework for our lives, and it affects us with its values and ideals. Therefore, we must create towns and sites where it is pleasant to live, where people can meet each other in stimulating surroundings and where the buildings are, at the same time, part of the solution to the challenges of growth, energy and migration. Moreover, we must give children and young people the opportunity to understand even better the possibilities in architecture. That is why, among many other reasons, we are initiating an educational effort to improve the architectural understanding of children and young people and to sharpen their appetite for involvement in architecture”.

Some of the initiatives in 'Putting People First' focus on enhancing citizens’ experience of architecture and their participation in democratic processes. Other initiatives focus on how architecture can promote sustainability and quality of life - environmentally, socially and culturally. Yet other initiatives focus on education and innovation, on architecture as a growth industry and on Danish architecture’s international potential.

Find the architecture policy “Putting People First” here.

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