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Giant Battery to Power New District in Copenhagen

16.09.2016  16:41

DONG Energy’s electricity distribution company Radius has made an agreement with ABB for a large-scale Li-ion battery in the upcoming Nordhavn city district. The battery, which corresponds to 20 normal EV’s, will be installed in a parking lot in Nordhavn in January 2017. Fully charged, it can power 60 households for 24 hours.

The plans for changing the old port area in Nordhavn into an attractive neighbourhood with no less than 40,000 residents is on the drawing board and will be completed 30-50 years from now. The local plan for the first part of Nordhavn has been approved by the authorities and a Nordhavn branch of the new Metro City Line is being designed now. The project will become one of the largest urban development projects in recent time from both a construction and a sustainability perspective. Sustainability will be integral to all aspects of the process and will set new standards for working with sustainability – both in Denmark and on a global scale.

One of the ambitions is to create a city district in Copenhagen that is energy sustainable. For instance, many of the buildings will produce electricity by solar cells and other forms of renewable energy. It also includes infrastructure and the interplay between electricity, heating/cooling and water/wastewater.

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