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Robots with superpowers to sort waste for recycling purposes

30.09.2016  16:13

Lightning fast robots equipped with advanced sensor technology will soon start sorting through waste in order to recover raw materials. The potential is huge – in DTI’s estimation, recoverable resources worth billions can be found by sorting through what we discard.

Robots are now able to fully automatically sort garbage, in order to ensure that all recoverable materials are indeed recovered. This applies to domestic waste that has traditionally been incinerated as well as to electronic waste where high value materials, such as gold, can be extracted.

DTI has been working on the INNOSORT project for the past few years, developing a series of new methods for automated garbage sorting, and the project has finally reached a point where there is a definite light at the end of the waste chute.

- This technology is a great opportunity for improving the work environment and increasing efficiency of the whole process – not only will we able to sort through more waste in fewer hours, we will also achieve a greater degree of purity and better quality waste resources. Together, those factors contribute to improve both the environment and the economy, says project manager Jesper Vange Heinzl from the waste handling company Dansk Affald.

INNOSORT has been supported with 16.7m DKK by Innovation Fund Denmark.

This was an excerpt of the original article. You can read the entire article here and watch a video from DTI about Innosort to learn more.

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