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Danish Sailors Recognized for Efforts During WWII

06.06.2014  15:17

On 6 June 2014, it will be 70 years since Allied forces landed on the beaches in Normandy. This date will be marked by a major international event in Normandy, France with 6000 invitees, including 17 heads of state – among them HM Queen Margrethe.

At the same time, in Normandy, Denmark will be officially recognized as one of the nations that contributed to the Normandy invasion in 1944. One of the high points during the Danish ceremony will be the opening of a special exhibition at Utah Beach Museum on the contribution of Danish sailors.

The Danish Minister for Culture, Marianne Jelved, says:
“For many years, the participation of Danish sailors in connection with the Normandy invasion in 1944 has been an overlooked chapter in the larger story of the Second World War. With the exhibition at the Utah Beach Museum, Denmark’s contribution to the Allies’ fight will now be shared with a large international audience. The Danish sailors put their lives at stake to help make sure that we in Europe live in freedom today. The sailors deserve to be recognized for their tremendous effort. I hope that this exhibition will be a step in that direction. And I am proud that the Danish flag will wave side by side with those of the other Allies on Normandy’s coast.”

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