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New test wind turbines will maintain Denmarks leading position

19.02.2016  13:23

The future’s wind turbines must be significantly cheaper and more reliable. That is the objective for the coming 28 MW test turbines, which are to be erected in Northwest Jutland at Nissum Bredning in 2017

The test turbines will be erected in a collaboration between Nissum Bredning Vindmøllelaug, Siemens Wind Power and Jysk Energi.

The bidders estimate that the test turbines could reduce the establishment and operational costs of future offshore wind turbines by up to 12.5 per cent.

”With the climate agreement reached at COP21 in Paris, the whole world must now get working on a green conversion. It is crucial that the price of sustainable energy such as offshore wind turbines becomes cheaper, so that it becomes more attractive to invest in than fossil fuels such as coal and oil. With the test turbines we can, through research and development, maintain Denmark’s position as a pioneer by improving the quality and lowering the price of Danish offshore wind turbines,” says the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

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