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Denmark to Share Power with The Netherlands

02.03.2016  17:00

The Danish TSO, Energinet.dk, and the equivalent system operator in the Netherlands, Tenne-T, have recently signed supplier contracts for a new power cable from the Netherlands to Denmark. It will, in a few years, contribute to the Nordic countries continuing to deliver even more wind power to Europe, while promoting the green transition.

The project; to build an undersea high voltage cable between Denmark and the Netherlands, the so-called COBRA cable, recently passed a milestone. This happened as the two system operators, Energinet.dk and Dutch TenneT, entered into agreements with suppliers on the cable development.

The power cable between Denmark and Holland makes it possible to export power when we produce too much, and import power when we do not have enough. Since more than 42 percent of our power in 2015 came from wind energy, and with the goal of 50 percent wind in just 4 years, well-functioning international connections are vital for the green transition in Denmark, says Carsten Chachah, Chief Consultant in the Danish Energy Association. Read more

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